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Fr John’s Reflection – 32nd Sunday in Ordinary Time

32nd Sunday in Ordinary Time – 8th November Running on the smell of an oily rag!  There can be times in life when we just keep on going through an interior motivation to achieve a particular end. Yet we can also be conscious of feelings of tiredness, discouragement and at times being overwhelmed by the world […]

Fr John’s Reflection – All Saints Day

All Saints Day – 1st November Called to be saints We are used to the process of elections where we seek to choose the person we believe is best able to govern on our behalf. The process of choosing the right person causes us to notice both their words and their actions. We seek not […]

Fr John’s Reflection – 29th Sunday in Ordinary Time

29th Sunday in Ordinary Time – 18th October The Piper plays the tune  Each of us from time to time would be concerned about our financial wellbeing. We are called to be people who do not live beyond our means but also become accountable for how we spend our money. This is one of the difficulties […]

Fr John’s Reflection – 28th Sunday in Ordinary Time

28th Sunday in Ordinary Time – 11th October Not just any invitation  There is usually great excitement when we receive an invitation to a wedding especially if it is someone we know well. The anticipation building up to the day is not only about buying the right gift or wearing the right clothes but rather the […]

Fr John’s Reflection – 27th Sunday in Ordinary Time

27th Sunday in Ordinary Time – 4th October Becoming pastors not managers  Pope Francis in speaking to priests reminded them that they were called to be pastors not managers of the parishes in which they lived. The difference that he was pointing to was that in one case we focus on managing people and resources entrusted […]