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The Way and The Eagle May 2017

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Fr John's Reflection 15th Sunday of the Year

15th Sunday of the Year – 16th July

How many homilies can you remember years after they are spoken? In a world deluged by words what takes hold of our hearts and engages us with life? 

The Gospel of the good seed scattered in the ground reminds us of how liberal and generous God is with the reminder of how the saving word can be planted within us. 

Often we know how easy it is for a word to be spoken and then too quickly it is taken from us. 

Fr John's Reflection 14th Sunday of the Year

14th Sunday of the Year – 9th July

One of the most difficult tasks is to move from theory to practice. Part of this difficulty lies not just in an understanding of theory but a willingness to seek out whether it actually matches our practical experience. We know that the Christian faith is not just theoretical but deeply relational. It calls us to enter into a relationship with a person who helps us to engage more deeply with what is important and vital to living a Christian life.

Aussie Reflections from 4th Conversations Mallorca

IV Conversations Participants Highlights 

FR JOHN – Our Spiritual Director

I think that several things come to mind. The first was the pilgrimage to the place where Cursillo started. The thing that particularly struck me was the spirituality of pilgrimage that was evident and the vitality of the young people in responding the call to discover Christ after many difficulties that they encountered after the Civil War. The essential element that struck me here was the importance of story and companionship.  

President's Newsletter July 2016



 National Secretariat 

Dear Brothers & Sisters in Christ 

I have recently had occasion to reflect on the importance of Cursillo and the Cursillo community in my life. 

Cursillo is an instrument of God through which God provides us with a gift; the greatest gift that we will ever receive or have the opportunity to give to others. It is indeed a gift that keeps on giving!  We are truly blessed in receiving God's gift of love through Cursillo. Cursillo too is a gift of God - one which has made a huge difference in my life and to the lives of countless people in Australia and throughout the world. We have been so fortunate over the years to have been given so many opportunities to experience and share the gift of Cursillo in many different situations. Cursillo has helped us appreciate what is important in life and has shown us 'the bigger picture' of faith, life and our place in the Church and the world.   

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Cursillo is a movement from the Church that focuses on helping each person to discover themselves, their relationship with Christ and with others.

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