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The Way and the Eagle August 2016

The Way and the Eagle August 2016

 Reflection from our Spiritual Director

 During 1987 I experienced my first Cursillo weekend at Galong. At the time I was in my third year at Seminary and I did not know what to expect out of this time. Over the time together I experienced a desire to walk more closely with Jesus but still struggle to put this clearly into words. There was a strong sense that my life was called to a deeper reality than just myself. I found that when I focus solely on what I am doing and what I feel is important that I tend to become somewhat distracted. My life seems to fly off in many different directions in the same time and the emphasis is on all the things I have to do in my day. When I am aware of these things happening it is a call to be more prayerfully present and to be open to the people that God calls me to encounter in that particular moment. I think this is the gift of the Fourth Day it is not about performance but about appreciation of how God is present at each moment. This is to become present to this moment and this day.


Cursillo Sharing - March 2016

 From the Presidents


At our Annual General Meeting (last November) nominations where taken for roles in the 2016 Secretariat. While the new

Secretatiat membership is outlined on page 3, on the next two pages we say thank you and farewell to Rick McCosker as our outgoing

president and welcome Greg Byrne on his taking on the position for the coming term. 

The Way and The Eagle May 2016


As I write this letter in the mellow season of Eastertide, I am reflecting on how different this period is for us in the southern hemisphere. There is a sense of melancholy, of ending or even of death as we face the winter ahead. We might seem a bit stuck in the Crucifixion mood. Unlike our brothers and sisters in the northern hemisphere, we must endure many months of cold and darkness ahead before we can look forward to new life in spring. The feeling of Resurrection seems a long way off, even though we have already passed Easter on the calendar.

De Colores Newsletter April 2016






March/April 2016




Perth News 2015
15 Oct 2015

Perth News 2015

Dear Brothers/Sisters,

My dear Cursillistas, hope I’m not too late in writing to say that The Perth Spanish Cursillo will be praying for you all this weekend.

We are very happy to let you all know that four of us started to group every fortnight five years ago, and then we were five.

Last year we were blest with our first 3 days weekend, and 3 weeks ago held our second Cursillo were 16 new candidates said yes to Christ calling; now we have a family of 28 cursillistas, in 5 different groups which 2 of the groups meet every week and the others meet every fortnight. We are holding monthly Ultreyas and of course very grateful to our Lord for allowing us to serve him.

Enjoy this weekend and God bless each and every one involve not only in the organization but in assisting the weekend.

May the lord bless you and keep you de colores always.

In Christ.

Thelma Martinez

Perth Spanish Cursillo

Sydney (English) November 2015 Newsletter
30 Nov 2015

Sydney (English) November 2015 Newsletter

To our dear brothers and sisters in Christ, We have just completed the 50th year of the Cursillo Movement’s history in Australia and the Sydney area; the first English speaking Cursillo in Australia was held at Armidale in 1965, followed soon after with another one in Sydney in October of that year. Having passed this milestone we should pause to thank the Lord for the richness of His blessings over this period. Surely the choicest of these blessings has been manifested in the people who He has called to take an active role in our Movement. Not least amongst those who have given great service and dedication to the Secretariat over a long period. In thanking them for their dedication we are also asking you to remember them in your prayers./p>

Maitland Newcastle November 2015 Newsletter

In an address to the leadership of the Episcopal Conferences of Latin America in 2013, Pope Francis posed this question to clergy; “Are we conscious and convinced of the mission of the lay faithful and do we give them the freedom to continue discerning, in a way befitting their growth as disciples, the mission which the Lord has entrusted to them.” This was, and continues to be, a challenge to clergy. But, I believe he was also laying down a challenge to us as lay people – a challenge to us as church in the world, to the world – to mission to those around us, to those in our world.

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