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De Colores Newsletter April 2017

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March/April 2017







Think about this:


It takes some courage to do this, but it can lead you on a pathway where things happen that you would not expect. Why not step out and try it!


Every morning before you get out of bed, say to God.









Blessings of PEACE, LOVE and JOY

to you and your family



inside this issue


Message from Peter, Diocesan President 


Quote from Pope Francis








From the President



Lent/Easter Blessings to you all.

This is my first article for the De Colores since taking over from Rosemary. I will try in this and future articles to keep you informed of what is happening in our Movement within the Archdiocese of Brisbane.

Cursillo 3 Days


Our Secretariat have been discussing the dates and venues for the Cursillo 3 days for 2017. We have decided to hold these later in the year, possibly September/October.

One of the reasons was the number of our Cursillistas who will be attending the World Ultreya in Fatima in May. This would have limited the numbers available to be on team in the first part of the year. We also felt that we could perhaps utilise the public holiday around this time. 

Venues are always a problem. We considered the idea of holding the Men’s and Ladies at the same time at the same venue but this limits the venues and their availability. So,we are keeping our options open and looking at various places including Boonah, Mt Tambourine, Bribie Island, Alexandra Headland and Bornhoffen (Natural Bridge).

Cost and availability will determine our final decision. We have found it less expensive when we can do the catering for ourselves. This develops a very good community spirit amongst the kitchen volunteers as well as the group as a whole.


Raising our Profile


As a way of raising our profile in the Archdiocese we are planning to ask a few people to prepare a 2 to 3 minute video of what Cursillo means to them, how it has helped them in their spiritual journey and what they are doing to share that journey with others. This is a work in progress and we hope to have it ready in a couple of months time.

We then thought we would use that in reaching out to selected parties eg teachers in our Catholic Schools, our seminarians and those attending ACU.


Pictorial History

We have always had a data base of some sort since Cursillo began in Brisbane in 1968. We thought it would be good to make sure this is up to date but also to have a pictorial record as well. So,we are trying to put together the lists of teams and candidates since that time as well as the photographs that were taken at that time. Col Hazel has declared an interest in helping to put this together.

Over the next few months, we will be looking for lists and photos going back to the start. For our older Cursillistas, could you have a look around to see if you have anything that might help?



We have decided to delay the social until later in the year.

Sunshine Coast



I will be attending an information session at Caloundra on the 11thMarch. Please keep the Cursillistas on the Sunshine Coast in your prayers as they plan to keep the Movement vibrant and growing in their area.

School of Leaders

It has been decided that we would have a SOL meeting every 2 months. The alternate month would be a Secretariat meeting. The SOL meeting would be an opportunity for members of the wider community to come along to learn more about the Movement and to develop friendships with others that may only meet from time to time. To this end, we are holding a planning meeting on the 21stMarch to work out a programme.

This will not be a long meeting but will focus on some study input delivered by invited speakers, have a spiritual input and be a means of sharing our faith life with others.

So, I take this opportunity to invite you to come along and help us all to persevere in our spiritual journey. Christ is counting on us.




De Colores











Pope Francis: to love your enemies, prayer is a game-changer









Pope Francis: to love your enemies, prayer is a game-changer

Pope Francis at the Wednesday general audience in

St Peter's Square June 22, 2016. Credit: Daniel Ibanez/CNA.

Vatican City, Feb 19, 2017 (CNA/EWTN News) –

The path to holiness and sainthood, Pope Francis said, requires imitating Christ by loving our enemies and praying for those who wrong us even when it is difficult.

“It’s true, God the Father is merciful,” he said Feb. 19. “And you? Are you merciful, are you merciful with the people who have hurt you? Or who do not love you?”

“If He is merciful, if He is holy, if He is perfect, we must be merciful, holy and perfect like Him,” he continued. “This is holiness. A man and a woman who do this deserve to be canonized: they become saints. So simple is the Christian life.”

Pope Francis gave his homily during Mass at the parish of Santa Maria Josefa of the Heart of Jesus, where he visited Sunday. Before Mass he visited with young people, the sick, families and those in charge of the parish’s Caritas organization. He also heard the confessions of four parishioners.

This was the Pope’s 13th visit to a parish in the diocese of Rome during his pontificate, and the second in just a little over a month.

In his homily, the pontiff reflected on the way of holiness. This path cannot be followed if we harbor resentment or wish to exact revenge against someone. Quoting the words of Jesus in the Gospel, the Pope said: “love your enemies and pray for those who persecute you.”

“Pray for the one who hurts me?” the Pope asked. “Yes,” he answered, “because it changes lives.”

If we think it is impossible, then pray, the Pope said. Pray every day for the grace to forgive and the grace to love.

The Gospel is simple, he said. “This advice: ‘Be holy, for I the Lord your God, am holy.’ And then: ‘You shall be perfect as your heavenly Father is perfect’,” the Pope remarked. Forgiveness and prayer are the way to do this. “This is the way of holiness,” he said. “If all men and women of the world learned this, there would be no wars, there would not be.” Wars begin “in bitterness, rancour, the desire for revenge, to make someone pay. But that destroys families, destroys friendships, destroys neighbourhoods, destroys so much,” he said.

For Pope Francis, this is why we must pray always for the grace not to hold grudges and for “the grace to pray for our enemies, to pray for the people that do not love us, the grace of peace.” If we make this our daily prayer, the Pope continued, even just praying one prayer a day for our enemies, this is how we will “win” and make progress “on the path of holiness and perfection.” In the end, “evil is overcome by good,” he said, and “sin is won with generosity.” “Prayer is an antidote against hatred, against wars, these wars that start at home, which start in the neighbourhood, which begin in families,” he said.

The Pope said if he knows that someone wants to hurt him and does not love him, “I pray especially for him.”  “Pray for there to be peace,” he said.





Life Is Beautiful

People Are Important

Life is Worth Living

Eduardo Bonnin







The Ultreya is the celebration of meeting together. [It is] the joy of knowing that we are united, and the joy of feeling close to one another to be able to spread the joy of our Faith. (Eduardo Bonnin)

Like everything else in Cursillo, the Ultreya has the minimum structure needed to fulfil its purpose. The Ultreya is carried out in three stages:

- The first stage is the Group Reunion at the Ultreya;

- The second stage is the coming together and witness

- The third stage is prayer—meeting Christ

What happens in each of these stages must contribute to accomplishing the Ultreya’s purpose which is as a meeting place where everyone is welcome to share what they live and to be inspired by the sharing of others. It is a place where we can pray together. It is a place where everyone is valued and respected simply because they are persons made in the image and likeness of God.It is a place to experience once again the weekend’s joy of living the Christian ideal in the company of others who are on the same journey.

This is, in a very brief and simple way the ‘why’ of the Ultreya. We gather together in friendship and love to share, to be reminded, to be inspired, to begin again. Ultreya is a homecoming where when we go there we are always ensured of a loving response. It’s a place that reconnects us to what is really important which is self, God, and others.








The way we habitually imagine ourselves, our fellow men and what we call God is one of the most formative factors in life.  Let anyone picture in his or her imagination the kind of person they long to be, and view that picture frequently and steadily enough, and they will be drawn towards it.  Within the imagination resides much of the power to control our health, achieve our goals and develop our characters.

Christ new the power of a fired imagination to motivate people.  He enrolled as learners a group of individuals whose horizons were bounded by a country lake.  He led them to visualise themselves as the salt of the earth and the light of the world.  He filled their imaginations with pictures of themselves carrying his message to “the uttermost parts of the earth”.

The Age, Saturday Reflection: 10 August 1985

From A Canopy of Stars: Some Reflections for the Journey by Fr Christopher Gleeson SJ7








Please continue to pray for all those people who are sick or recovering.  We also pray for our own family and friends suffering illness and difficulties in life at this time.




Please pray for those Cursillistas who have died since our last newsletter.  Also please pray for their families.


In God we trust  





Prayer is the fundamental and grounding experience of everything we are.  In other words, prayer is the process wherein we discover both who we are and why we are.  In essence, it is the process whereby and wherein we pay attention with total concentration to our human nature so that, by attending to our own creatureliness, we come to attend to and upon our Creator.  St Augustine put this very succinctly and very marvellously in this way: “Man must first be restored to himself, that, making himself as it were a steppingstone, he may rise thence and be borne up to God.”


So prayer mediation is not just a way of “doing” something but it is a way of “becoming” someone – becoming yourself: created by God, redeemed by Jesus and a temple of the Holy Spirit.

-       John Main, “Christian Meditation” (Benedictine Priory of Montreal)





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