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The Way and the Eagle August 2016

The Way and the Eagle August 2016

 Reflection from our Spiritual Director

 During 1987 I experienced my first Cursillo weekend at Galong. At the time I was in my third year at Seminary and I did not know what to expect out of this time. Over the time together I experienced a desire to walk more closely with Jesus but still struggle to put this clearly into words. There was a strong sense that my life was called to a deeper reality than just myself. I found that when I focus solely on what I am doing and what I feel is important that I tend to become somewhat distracted. My life seems to fly off in many different directions in the same time and the emphasis is on all the things I have to do in my day. When I am aware of these things happening it is a call to be more prayerfully present and to be open to the people that God calls me to encounter in that particular moment. I think this is the gift of the Fourth Day it is not about performance but about appreciation of how God is present at each moment. This is to become present to this moment and this day.


The Way and The Eagle May 2016


As I write this letter in the mellow season of Eastertide, I am reflecting on how different this period is for us in the southern hemisphere. There is a sense of melancholy, of ending or even of death as we face the winter ahead. We might seem a bit stuck in the Crucifixion mood. Unlike our brothers and sisters in the northern hemisphere, we must endure many months of cold and darkness ahead before we can look forward to new life in spring. The feeling of Resurrection seems a long way off, even though we have already passed Easter on the calendar.

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