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Dear Brothers/Sisters,

My dear Cursillistas, hope I’m not too late in writing to say that The Perth Spanish Cursillo will be praying for you all this weekend.

We are very happy to let you all know that four of us started to group every fortnight five years ago, and then we were five.

Last year we were blest with our first 3 days weekend, and 3 weeks ago held our second Cursillo were 16 new candidates said yes to Christ calling; now we have a family of 28 cursillistas, in 5 different groups which 2 of the groups meet every week and the others meet every fortnight. We are holding monthly Ultreyas and of course very grateful to our Lord for allowing us to serve him.

Enjoy this weekend and God bless each and every one involve not only in the organization but in assisting the weekend.

May the lord bless you and keep you de colores always.

In Christ.

Thelma Martinez

Perth Spanish Cursillo

When we began planning this VII WE, I told the members of the OMCC executive that I’d bet $50 we would not have more than 100 come because of the remoteness of Australia from other parts of the world. With 177 registered I am pleased, no delighted, I was proven wrong. I have given $50 to the St Vincent de Paul Society who do much in our society providing assistance to people in need.

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Part 1: 2015 Cursillos - provides details of Cursillo weekends undertaken or still to be undertaken in 2015

A men’s 3 day weekend was held on the June long weekend at Peregian Springs with 4 candidates. All 4 of these candidates are currently grouping and/or attending Ultreya.

Our women’s 3 day weekend will be held from 2-5 October at the same venue.

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