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Fr John's Reflection Palm Sunday

 Palm Sunday – 9th April

 As we enter into Holy Week we become aware of the Passion of Jesus and the way it touches the lives of both believers and unbelievers. This was not just a selective act to save the lucky few, it was a divine act which sought to reconcile the whole of creation. It sought to restore our relationship with God and with each other which can be so easily broken and damaged. 


 Often we wonder could there have been a better way? Yet we know that this causes us to stop, ponder and review what is important in our lives and the impact that this Paschal Mystery has on our whole lives. 

 The life, death and resurrection of Jesus, casts our whole life in a new light and seeks to show the depth of God's creative life engaging with our own. Jesus sought to bring life and love to the heart of all our lives by allowing us to enter into his own relationship with the Father. Fundamentally, Jesus could not walk away from himself any more than God can walk away from the heart of creation. It is with a heart broken open for the love of the world that we discover a new way of seeing and a new way of living.

 Fr. John Armstrong

"The intellectual quest is exquisite, like pearls and coral. But it is not the same as the spiritual quest. The spiritual quest is on another level altogether. Spiritual wine has a subtler taste. The intellect and the senses investigate cause and effect. The spiritual seeker surrenders to wonder." (Rumi Wisdom; trans. Timothy Freke)


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