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APG Extraordinary Meeting  

Chapel at Residential St. Amaro, Fatima, Portugal ,2. May 06, 2017  

3. Attendants: President of APG Korea, Australia, Taiwan, Sri Lanka, Vietnam Mainland(new)  

APG President Mr. Seo Wang Suk Matthew presided over the meeting beginning with briefing on the call for the Extra-ordinary meeting with two agendas 1) “Election of new APG representative” 2) Membership of Vietnam. Out of 9 member national secretariats, 4 attended. Guam and CNMI entrusted APG Executive for voting so the meeting constituted the quorum. President Seo introduced candidates Australia and Korea. Korea thanked for the nomination but gave full support to Australia who will be the perfect country to represent the Asia Pacific Group.  

After listening to the acceptance speech by President of Australia Ms. Rhonda Porteous and having no objection, the floor went for voting. Australia was elected with unanimous vote as the new Representative of Asia Pacific Group to serve for the term 2018-2021.  

Next, Representative for Vietnam submitted official application letter ‘Aspiration to be recognized as a member of the OMCC’ and the letter of approval from Bishop’s Conference of Vietnam. According to the letter, Cursillo was introduced into Vietnam by a group of Filipino Cursillista in 1965 in South Vietnam but suspended after the 1975 incident. In 2006, with the approval of the Bishops and helps form overseas Cursillo Movement restarted and so far the Vietnamese Cursillistas is 4,114(April 2017).  

Representative from USA who has advised over the years briefed on the situation in Vietnam and that Brothers and Sisters in Vietnam are eager to join officially for further evangelization.  

Australia stressed that Vietnamese Diaspora(VD) will still be considered as an individual Secretariat so APG recognize both Vietnam and VD as an entity each with one voting rights. After a thorough discussion and words of support, the representatives cast the vote with a unanimous approval of Vietnam as a new member.  

APG secretariat will notify the decision to OMCC for the final process. President Seo thanked all participants for their efforts and asked for a continuous support be given to both the current and the new APG Secretariat in our mission of evangelization of the world.



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