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Aussie Reflections from 4th Conversations Mallorca

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IV Conversations Participants Highlights 

FR JOHN – Our Spiritual Director

I think that several things come to mind. The first was the pilgrimage to the place where Cursillo started. The thing that particularly struck me was the spirituality of pilgrimage that was evident and the vitality of the young people in responding the call to discover Christ after many difficulties that they encountered after the Civil War. The essential element that struck me here was the importance of story and companionship.  


The second element was the international flavour of Cursillo which joined people from different countries together. The essential thing here as we can remember from the translators is that sometimes important things can be lost when they are translated. The importance of discovering a language which binds us together is vital for the Cursillo movement not just around the world but also in Australia. There is a need to listen not only to hear what is said but also the nuances behind what is said.  

The third element was the joyfulness of the prayer and the constant sense of celebrating our faith. The essence of this was that we are called to live that faith with each other in a spirit of friendship and solidarity focusing on the person of Christ who calls us together.  

The last element which touched me was that we do not set up hurdles for people to jump to become Cursillistas but accept that God calls people to discover him through our movement especially the far aways.  

FR NEVILLE: - Brisbane Cursillo Priest

I went to the IV conversations with no expectations.  As I've learnt to do at Cursillo events, I let the God of surprises engage me and he did not disappoint.  One thing I drew from the whole experience was the simplicity of the Cursillo foundational charism.   The power of friendship with ourselves, with God and with each other was undeniably apparent. I now have a greater appreciation of the power of this friendship that has and will continue to stir hearts in our Cursillo world-wide. Highlights included the festive singing and comradery during Masses and the sessions.  Also the Spirit of friendship that was permeated through the 4 days was palpable and unforgettable.  Small group discussions with brother priests and bishop was enriching and a blessed time of fraternity.   Finally, the rollos and witness talks were a privilege to hear and to visit the places where Eduardo roamed was powerful. Thanks again Marg for the invite to this amazing experience!!  

ANNE – Newcastle Maitland and National Treasurer

The warm welcome we received in Mallorca established for me a true belonging to the Cursillo community worldwide.

I appreciated the chance to see the dedication of all those present towards forging a fuller understanding of how Cursillo can encourage a personal life with God. The witness given by all the speakers was an expression of how supportive Cursillo friends have been in keeping them focused on their faith journey. It seems that Mallorca is a place where people have gone in search of comfort and direction when hardships endure – friendship was sought and welcomed. 

Bringing Cursillistas together from 18 different countries has allowed for personal and group reflection which helped me to get in touch with my own inner thoughts. The topics chosen allowed a continuation (from previous Conversations) of ways to think through ideas that give significance to our whole life journey – looking with new eyes.

I was surprised that there continues to be tension with Church authorities and Cursillo. (I thought there had been a lot of effort worldwide towards returning to the original Charism). I became more aware of Eduardo’s influence, his focus on companionship with others, his way of recognising ‘the person’.  

When we were on the bus, I enjoyed hearing stories from those who spoke of their friendship with Eduardo.

Overall, each day I was inspired by the fellowship and joyful celebration together as Catholics. The message of each of the talks is something I hope we can share with others.  

JEANETTE - Sydney Spanish

 I saw my whole trip as a pilgrimage, a wonderful journey which drew me closer to be in the presence of God and those like-minded pilgrims which came to Mallorca from so many diverse places. 

I loved our visit to where one of the early Cursillo was held, 'Sant Honorat'. The place was not only beautiful, with majestic views but it was so serene, just the right environment for a spiritual encounter. I imagined how it would have been so many years ago for the early Cursillistas.  

Feeling the presence of the Holy Spirit in such an isolated and beautiful place removed from the rest of the world. It would have been a very moving experience, like it was for me that morning.  

The whole Encounter was a true celebration of love and friendship and this was experienced in the talks with each individual during a stay in Mallorca. 

Through singing and prayers the Joy transcended language and cultural differences which was enjoyed by all. I absolutely Loved all the singing. 

The witness talks were emotive and many amazing and life experiences were shared, this made me reflect that this was evidence of the true faith that we follow, that without God in our life many of us could not continue this faith journey. 

This whole trip for me, was a fabulous experience. I want to take the opportunity to thank you all for having invited me, for the laughs and for the wonderful memories that we will now share.  

MARG: Brisbane & National International Representative

 This was the second time I had been to the Conversations, and I enjoyed these immensely.

Though we came from different countries, the joy of being together with friends was a celebration each and every day, through our prayers, our discussions and in song.  The love of God was and still is tangible. 

I went to the Conversations to listen with my ears and an open heart to help me to understand the mentality more fully so that I might live it more deeply in my daily life and I was not disappointed. 

The Meditations were a powerful witness, given by Priests and coming from the heart as PERSONS loved by God. 

The overall message that came through to me was: The Joy of being together, Love, Friendship and Witness.



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