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The second “Cursillo for Pilgrim Leaders”

A brief history of Cursillo - How did the Cursillo Movement come about?

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The second “Cursillo for Pilgrim Leaders”

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It was Ferragut who invited Eduardo to the second “Cursillo for Pilgrim Leaders” that was to take place at the monastery of Lluc during Holy week of 1943. Eduardo was a deep thinker and from what he saw and what he heard during that week, he extracted those ideas and concepts that he felt he could apply and use to satisfy the restlessness that disturbed him.

He wanted to find a way to take the reality of Christian life to the real environments, those environments where the young men of the barracks lived. Besides preparing for the Pilgrimage, he felt that the ideal thing would be to find a similar way to interest people in the other pilgrimage, the pilgrimage towards the Father, which all of life is and to do it in such a way so as to ensure that the message would also reach those who did not think that they were Christian.

  • A new objective
  • Changing of environments
  • A method, a 3 day plan developed from The Study of Environments written by Bonnin

Eduardo outlined his thinking in a paper which he named, the Study of the Environment and he shared his ideas with some of the young people from Catholic Action. They became enthused by this new method targeting a profound change in the day to day life of Christians, rather than the preparation for a pilgrimage, and together they decided to put it into practice.

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