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The Great Pilgrimage

A brief history of Cursillo - How did the Cursillo Movement come about?

The Great Pilgrimage

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In 1947 Bishop Juan Hervas was appointed Bishop of Mallorca. He took a keen interest in the exciting things being done by the youth of Catholic Action. He met with them weekly and helped them prepare for the Great Pilgrimage which finally took place in 1948. The Pilgrimage was an unqualified success with some 100,000 youth attending from all of Europe and America. There were 600 who had come from Mallorca, the largest representation from any diocese. Nevertheless, when they returned from Santiago there were many questions that surfaced. What would they do now? How could they channel this return to God to something that was truly lasting?

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Cursillo is a movement from the Church that focuses on helping each person to discover themselves, their relationship with Christ and with others.

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