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National Cursillo Movement
Phong Trao



A brief history of Cursillo

01 January 193012:00 AM

Eduardo Bonnin

During the 1930’s the leftist Republican Government of Spain attempted to introduce atheism into all aspects of Spanish life, including the education system. It was also during this time that the Spanish Civil War brought depression and bloodshed to Mallorca.

The events that took place and their effect on society ignited a burning passion in many of the Spanish youth and they responded to a call from Pope Pius XI to begin a crusade declaring Christ as saviour.

01 January 193712:00 AM

Eduardos enrolment in the military

In 1937 Eduardo enrolled in mandatory military service, an experience of major importance in his life. This gave him the opportunity to discover another social class. Every day he had to face the living reality of those with whom he shared the barracks, and he realized that their lives were very different to the lives of his Catholic family and friends. Eduardo came to the conclusion that the people he was with in the army camp, though de-Christianized and averse to religion, were still keeping a series of gospel values e.g. they rejected lying and hypocrisy, they were open minded to all classes, and they had a sense of friendship.

01 January 194312:00 AM

The second “Cursillo for Pilgrim Leaders”

It was Ferragut who invited Eduardo to the second “Cursillo for Pilgrim Leaders” that was to take place at the monastery of Lluc during Holy week of 1943. Eduardo was a deep thinker and from what he saw and what he heard during that week, he extracted those ideas and concepts that he felt he could apply and use to satisfy the restlessness that disturbed him.

01 January 194412:00 AM

The first 3 Day Cursillo

The first 3 day Cursillo in Christianity was held at Cala Figuera August 1944 and between 1944 and 1948 they repeated the experience many times, inviting those Christians who were no longer practising, as well as those who were.

01 January 194712:00 AM

The Great Pilgrimage

In 1947 Bishop Juan Hervas was appointed Bishop of Mallorca. He took a keen interest in the exciting things being done by the youth of Catholic Action. He met with them weekly and helped them prepare for the Great Pilgrimage which finally took place in 1948. The Pilgrimage was an unqualified success with some 100,000 youth attending from all of Europe and America. There were 600 who had come from Mallorca, the largest representation from any diocese. Nevertheless, when they returned from Santiago there were many questions that surfaced. What would they do now? How could they channel this return to God to something that was truly lasting?

01 January 194912:00 AM

Bishop Hervas

The answer lay in the Cursillos in Christianity and with the encouragement and support of Bishop Hervas the first Cursillos 3 days, officially sanctioned by the ecclesiastical authorities were held in 1949. This was the beginnings of a movement that today has spread through 60 countries and numerous Christian denominations. It is estimated that some 5,000,000 Christians have experienced Cursillo in one of its various forms.

01 January 196512:00 AM

Cursillos commencement in Australia

Cursillo began in Australia in 1965, however the birthplace of the Cursillo Movement is the Spanish Island of Mallorca, which is situated east of the Mainland of Spain in the Mediterranean Sea.


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Cursillo is a movement from the Church that focuses on helping each person to discover themselves, their relationship with Christ and with others.

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