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Fr John’s Reflection 27th Sunday of the Year

27th Sunday of Ordinary Time – 6th October Listening for the still, quiet voice! Our faith starts from where we are and the place where we encounter Christ. This call to follow him is not just a private endeavour or a personal preference but rather a living response to how Christ calls us to follow. […]

Fr John’s Reflection 26th Sunday of the Year

26th Sunday of Ordinary Time – 29th September The climate is changing! In our post-modern age, we often live as though our world is empty and meaningless and where we are called to define our own meaning. Things become what we want them to be rather than what they are. There is a sense in […]

Fr John’s Reflection 25th Sunday of the Year

25th Sunday of Ordinary Time – 22nd September Who plays the tune of our lives? The news programs are often timed to occur at the traditional times when people would gather from prayer at morning, noon and evening. These hours seek to let us know issues of importance which are occurring in the world and […]

Fr John’s Reflection 24th Sunday of the Year

24th Sunday of Ordinary Time – 15th September To whom do I confess my sins? There has been much debate over recent months since the Royal Commission on the sacrament of confession and about the seal of confession. Many jurisdictions have enacted laws or are proposing laws to mandate what is heard in this sacramental […]

Fr John’s Reflection 23rd Sunday of the Year

23rd Sunday of Ordinary Time – 8th September Building on good foundations Planning is an essential part of life. It calls us to seek out a vision which inspires us into action and also to review the place from which we begin the journey. Nobody starts life from ground zero even when we have the […]

Fr John’s Reflection 22nd Sunday of the Year

22nd Sunday of Ordinary Time – 1st September What’s in it for me? What am I doing this for? This question can loom large in life when we seek to discover what the result may be for all our effort. We can consider whether the goal is worth devoting our energy to and whether the […]

Fr John’s Reflection 21st Sunday of the Year

21st Sunday of Ordinary Time – 25th August Where are you coming from? Whenever we meet a new person often the first questions reflect what we consider important about life. Hence the most universal questions in the western world are what do you do and where do come from? What quickly follows are incidental questions […]

Fr John’s Reflection 20th Sunday of the Year

Marathon not a sprint There are many how-to books that we can buy in the bookshops or borrow from the library. They seek to give examples of how the author has adopted a certain method which they wish to apply to how we should live, how this will be successful for another. The temptation to […]

Fr John’s Reflection 19th Sunday of the Year

19th Sunday of Ordinary Time – 11th August Listen! I have been reflecting over the last month on how our relationship with God is fundamental not only to our prayer but the way we live. I think some of the difficulties that we find in our prayer are that we concentrate on whether we are […]