Fr John’s Reflection – Second of Advent

Second of Advent – 6th December

Writing Straight with Crooked lines

 Walking through the shopping centre the other day it was hard to believe the hardships we have been through and that much of the rest of the world is facing. There was a distinct feeling of deja vu. That people were shopping, preparing for Christmas, making plans and organise trips to visit families and friends. Yet in the midst of all this activity, there is still a feeling that this Christmas will not be like the ones before. There is a call to discover something which will sustain beyond the immediate commercial reality and to discover a deeper meaning for our lives.

I believe we see this in the figure of John the Baptist. He sought to prepare people’s hearts and minds to see more clearly how to live their lives. This was not just repentance from sinful behaviour and attitudes but a true desire to encounter God in our everyday lives. There was searching for those graced moments which transform us and transform our world. They are moments which allow us to encounter the mystery of our own creation in the person of Christ.

As we journey towards Christmas it is this deeper entry into the mystery of each day that we encounter God’s living presence. There is a sense in which we are disturbed in the way things from how we perceive them to be to actually how they are. It calls us to notice those graced moments which we encounter each day. It is the scripture of God’s Word written on the face of our world and reflected in how we receive that message. As we go about our daily tasks let us pray that we see the face of God in all things and in all people.

Fr. John Armstrong