Fr John’s reflection for Sunday 3 Dec 2023

Are we ready for Christmas?

There can be a fear that Christmas comes too early and we are not ready. While the shops seem to be decorated with the trimmings much earlier each year we can lose a sense of the natural rhythm that leads us into this Advent season. We start humming Christmas carols before the day is actually upon us. Yet this may be a time to actually ponder how we prepare for Christmas. This is more than preparing the meal, buying presents, or posting cards but rather taking time to notice where our hearts are amid all the flurry of activity.

It would be good to spend some quiet time each day reflecting on what type of person we want to be in the hurry of the marketplace and on our way to work. To intentionally carve out times in the morning and evening when we make an appointment with God and put it in our diaries.

To find ways in which we can reflect on the environment in which we live and discuss how we can become people of faith, hope, and love in our community. Considering what will assist others to seek a deeper meaning to their life, to provide encouragement for those in need, and to undertake practical acts of charity.

Then calling a blessing down a blessing on each person we encounter whether in the checkout queue, when we are looking out for a parking spot, or when we are considering the needs of those around us. When we seek Christ in our daily lives he will find us quicker than we expect.


Fr. John Armstrong