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Fr John’s Reflection – Second Sunday of Advent

Second Sunday of Advent – 8th December . .. Prepare the way The immanence of Christmas can cause us to start to plan with the end in mind. Our activity while being focussed on that event can distract us from what is happening at the moment. The preparations can all seem present to something that […]

Fr John’s Reflection – First Sunday of Advent

First Sunday of Advent – 1st December . .. Beginning at the end We start the first Sunday in the same way we finished the liturgical year. We are called to be aware and awake of how God is present to us in our daily lives. This can be especially important as we journey towards […]

Fr John’s Reflection – Feast of Christ the King

Feast of Christ the King – 24th November . . Who will lead us to the truth? This weekend we celebrate the Feast of Christ the King. In a world where the idea of the monarchy has diminished to a ceremonial role and leadership is found in the form of democracy, dynastic rule or in […]

Fr John’s Reflection 33rd Sunday of the Year

33rd Sunday of Ordinary Time – 17th November . . A rule of life We live in a world where the opinions of others matter deeply. We can become fascinated by the latest developments whether they be about finance, politics, fashion or sport. Part of the fascination can be motivated by a deep interest in […]

Fr John’s Reflection 31st Sunday of the Year

31st Sunday of Ordinary Time – 3rd November . . A God of mercy and justice When we encounter situations which cause us difficulties which cause us to suffer or which cause us harm our immediate cry can be for justice against the person who has caused this event to occur in our lives. We […]

Fr John’s Reflection 30th Sunday of the Year

30th Sunday of Ordinary Time – 27th October . . To be good or to do good One of the temptations of the Christian life is to believe that we win God’s love by what we do rather than who we are called to become. If we believe that our goodness is judged by the […]

Fr John’s Reflection 29th Sunday of the Year

29th Sunday of Ordinary Time – 20th October . God give me strength! In this weekend’s readings, we can see the image of Moses combating the Amalek’s. When he raised his hands up they were victorious but when he became tired they started to lose heart. So, Aaron and Hur sat him down and kept […]